Episode 10: Big Breaks with Aparna Nancherla

Big Breaks with Aparna Nancherla Experts Podcast

In the immortal words of Stanley Tucci in 2003's 'The Devil Wears Prada': GIRD YOUR LOINS, because we've got the amazingly talented and wonderful APARNA NANCHERLA.

In our SEASON FINALE we spoke to Aparna all about what it means to have your 'big break' in comedy and as expected she had so many great things to say and we learned so much from her. So crack open a Tab (tm) and sip along to our interview with Expert Aparna!

Check out Aparna's extensive bio on her *official* website: http://aparnacomedy.com/bio

Be sure to follow her on Twitter at @aparnapkin, but of course you already are.

As always keep up with us at @expertspodmtl, we've got exciting stuff for season two!