Who we are:
We are The Brunch Club. Five high-school students breaking down social boundaries in Saturday detention. No, that’s not right. We’re a Canadian comedy brand. We create original content, like comedy specials, podcasts, and a funny blog; and we put on live comedy shows in Montreal and Toronto.

What we do best:
Collaborating with comics to create conceptual comedy shows, especially formulated to highlight their strengths and interests. We’re also pretty good with alliteration.

Our mission:
Guided by Creative Director Sasha Manoli, it is The Brunch Club’s mission to enhance the talents of established and up-and-coming comics through new mediums (visual and audio media, etc.). We want to take part in growing Canada’s entertainment industry, building a farm-to-table comedy community, and supporting creative people on stage and behind the scenes. We also seek to employ and mentor women in entertainment industry positions.