Episode 9: Crafting Stand Up Personas with Nancy Webb and Amanda McQueen

Look at these amazing women. LOOK AT THEM.

Look at these amazing women. LOOK AT THEM.

Who do you think you are? Get to know yourself with Amanda McQueen and Nancy Webb! This week we speak to these two Montreal based stars all about figuring out your stand up persona. So get your Cinnabon out of the microwave and settle in for episode nine of Experts!

A little bit about our experts:

Nancy Webb is a Montreal-based performer, Scorpio and iPad witch whose distinct onstage persona has secured her spots at Ladyfest and OFF-JFL/Zoofest for the past two years. She recently recorded a half-hour stand-up special with the comedy collective The Brunch Club, and co-produced the wellness summit parody show, Kelp! A Self-Help Hour with her collaborator Travis Cannon.

Amanda McQueen is a Montreal-based comedian and Second City Conservatory alumni. She most recently appeared in the SheDot Festival in Toronto, WICF Boston and for the 2nd time at Chicago Funny Fest, where she won People’s Choice: Stand-Up. This fall, Amanda will appear in the Cinderblock Festival in Brooklyn. She is the host of The Early Show, a new monthly stand-up showcase at Montreal Improv.

Follow Nancy on Twitter at @ncywebb and Amanda at @amandamchugs!

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