Episode 6: Montréal To Toronto Transplants with Kirsten Rasmussen and Léa Rondot

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Hey all you movers and shakers -- if you've ever wondered what it's like making it in Canada's biggest comedy scene you've come to the right place. This week we're talkin' makin' the move to Toronto with Experts Kirsten Rasmussen and Lea Rondot. Both made their marks in the scene in Montréal before taking the leap to the big time and they're here to tell us all about the ups, downs and in betweens. So before you book your one way Megabus ticket have a listen to see what it takes to make it in the 'Big Smoke'!

A little about this week's Experts:

Kirsten Rasmussen is a Second City Toronto Mainstage alumni having done three shows with them. She is a cofounder of the Montreal Improv Theatre and has toured solo sketch/comedy and or improv across Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, LA, Chicago, Winnipeg, Australia, The Caribbean, New York, Edmonton and even Regina!

Léa Rondot was part of a bunch of amazing shows back in montreal like Captain Spaceship. She describes her comedy as showing the beauty in the bad and how deeply funny tragedy most often is. She’s played in Montréal and Toronto, as well as in rooms across New York City, Chicago, and LA. Right now her main focus has been on writing

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