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For the third edition of The Brunch Club, we're pleased to present one of New York's finest and funniest, Mike Lawrence! Whether you recognize him from his many hilarious guest-appearances on Comedy Central's @Midnight (POINTS!) or you just admire his awesome beard, prepare to be entertained as he hits the Main with two shows at La Vitrola on May 22nd.

Why should you see Mike Lawrence?

1. Huge wrestling fan, which is evident on stage because he piledrives his punchlines and puts audiences in a submission hold of hilarity (NOTE: we know nothing about wrestling. Please let us know if this makes sense).

2. His album Sadamantium was recorded at the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles and highlights his adamantium-like indescrutibility (and sadness).

3. He's genetically pre-disposed to being funny! His mom was a stand-up comedian as well.

4. He describes his comedy style as "The Big Bang Theory" but with jokes. Take that Chuck Lorre.

Earlier Event: May 22
Later Event: October 24
Michelle Wolf