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Travis Cannon

Travis Cannon is a stand-up, sketch performer, improviser and general mainstay of the Montreal alternative comedy community. He studied for and successfully obtained a degree in Creative Writing, though he insists that his judgement has improved since then.

Travis' bracing wit and literary sensibility have landed him spots at OFF-JFL, Fierte Montreal, Diverscite, and Montreal Sketchfest. In 2018 he won the Best New Troupe Award at Montreal Sketchfest with his sketch troupe Emma Overton's Nasty Boys.

He has been the social media coordinator for Montreal Sketchfest, the co-creator and producer of Kelp! A Self-Help Hour,  co-host of Rat's Nest, and the creator and producer of the short-lived but brightly burning Let's Save Tony Orlando's House.


Crystal Palace - 04/27/18 | stand-up


Two Obstructions | by Travis Cannon
Legendary Icon Julianne Moore | by Travis Cannon


WORK: Everybody Does It, Why Can't You?
No, It's Not Too Late Where I Am


Kelp! A Self-Help Hour | co-creator + producer
That Was Us! with Mike Carrozza and Travis Cannon | co-creator + producer