Dating Game Seeking Eligible Bachelors

In the spirit of the classic ABC television show that ran from 1965 -1999, The Brunch Club presents, “ Dating Game”! Our charismatic old-timey host, James Watts, will guide looking-for-love contestants Marilis Cardinal, Tatyana Olal, and Travis Cannon as they parse through three anonymous potential dates, in an effort to find a that sweet sweet, erotic, eternal kind of love!

Dating Game is currently seeking eligible bachelors to join in on its inaugural round, so fill out this survey if you would like to participate in all of the joyous, potentially awkward fun.
***Candidates will be chosen by a panel of third-party judges.****
Here's a little more about our contestants...

Marilis Cardinal

About Marilis:
Emotionally stable
Business woman who is also good at relaxing
Loves kissing, cava and pop culture
Aries Sun (Pisces Cusp), Gemini Rising
Reality TV Historian
Lives alone and loves it

Marilis is looking for...
Someone single and emotionally available
A grown ass man
Passionate in life & love
Handy or... at least helpful
No loud eaters
A goof with the gift of gab
Can be taken anywhere
Caring, compassionate and chill

Tatyana Olal

About Tatyana:
Cab fetishist
Probably 10-15mins late
Interested in multiple beverages of varying temperatures at meal-time
Cursed by a sea witch
Used to hide the embarrassing songs on her iTunes by re-labelling them as tracks from the lord of the rings soundtrack with the most embarrassing being “gollums theme”

Tatyana is looking for...
Comfy holding her bag while she fights
Good @ reminding her to take her vitamins
Capacity to roast and be roasted in return
Has friends
Not a protagonist
If a comedian, then ashamed of it
If a musician, then ok with shutting the fuck up about it
A like-minded husk

Travis Cannon

About Travis:
Boy about town
Lifestyle maven and muse
Low barrier of entry, high ceiling of mastery
More of a movement than a man

Travis is looking for...
No vegans, no posers
Knows where he wants to eat
Someone that will take care of him
Respect for self and others
Someone supportive and discrete wrt his secret passion for video games
Someone easy to do nice things for
Like a golden retriever but with sunglasses
Playful in a way that gives life rather than crushes it
Loves to cuddle but will never say 'cuddle' out loud