Eminem vs Nick Cannon ft. Emily Carlstrom - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #16

Emily Carlstrom joins the Goss Crew as they discuss Nev Schulman's "champ stamp", Jack Black's death hoax, the agony and ecstasy of Richard Simmons and the nearly decade long Eminem vs Nick Cannon feud. 

Enough already...

Enough already...

Katy Perry's Twitter Hack ft. Matt Marotti - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #15

Listen as the Goss crew (feat. guest Matt Marotti) fumble through some dicey territory re: Katy Perry's Twitter hack, 1D and a couple of directors that sound like tru blu douchebags ;)

LIVE from Bar Kabinet ft. Maya Inglis - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #14

Maya Inglis returns for a very special episode of HOT GOSS, recorded LIVE from Bar Kabinet and featuring BACKGROUND MUSIC. Theme: the world is a deep dark 'n' awful place and there are a million ways to take your mind off that fact that aren't seeing the new X-MEN movie. Just FYI.

Hot or Not? ft. Travis Cannon - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #13

This week, the Goss crew (joined by the amazing Travis Cannon) investigate the following age old questions, among other things:

1) What's with notable 50-somethings these days?

2) Paz de la Huerta - hot or not? 

3) Anthony Kiedis - hot or not? 

4) What kind of doctor is Dr. Phil, exactly? 

Dave Matthew's Lack of Chill ft. James Watts - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #12

Dave Matthew's Lack of Chill ft. James Watts - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #12

The Goss Squad tackles Goop's sex issue, the (possibly PR-induced?) Sharon & Ozzy split, Dave Matthews' lack of chill, Bieber's marked face and that stupid YACHT sex tape thing no one should even pretend to care about because THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT! Featuring special guest/temp co-host James Watts. 

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Jeremy Bieber's Bday Bash ft. Sasha Manoli - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #11

Brunch Club founder Sasha Manoli joins the Goss Squad (excuse us, Goss #Squad) as they discuss Jeremy Bieber's birthday bash (and Justin Biebs' daddy issues), the Met Gala in all its glory, Katy Perry's crushing fear of irrelevance and whether or not Courtney Stodden is destined to become the next Anna Nicole Smith

Lemon(ade) Party ft. D.J. Mausner - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #10

The Hot Goss Podgosst celebrates the big 1-0 by trying to figure out the whole Chet Haze/Hanx/Hanks situation, getting unusually real while discussing Beyonce's Lemonade and predicting which icons will cross over (with or without John Edwards) in 2016.

Kid Rock Boat Cruise ft. Rebecca Smith - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #9

This week, the Goss crew talks Kid Rock's boat cruise, John Cusack's cursed penis, Australian biohazard laws and hell on earth (aka Coachella) with inspirational human being Rebecca Smith. A MUST-LISTEN EPISODE, PEOPLE! Don't miss it. 

Ghost Sex ft. Tranna Wintour - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #8

The Goss crew is joined by the amazing/wise/talented Tranna Wintour as they discuss Queen of QC Celine, ghost sex, drunk Nic Cage, the Jenner sisters, evil tweens and CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT! 

Puddle of Donda Ideas ft. D.J. Mausner - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #6

DJ Mausner joins the Goss crew as they mourn the crack-fuelled demise of their favourite band of all time (PUDDLE OF MUDD), delve into Kanye's incredibly elaborate Donda idea chart and hear a sneak peek of DJ's forthcoming debut single, "PBR Dry and a Kraft Single".