Who Bit Beyonce: Scandal Of A Century ft. HOT GOSS ALL STARS - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #98

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The Goss crew (minus Emma and Iain) is joined by the HOT GOSS ALL STARS (Marilis Cardinal, Travis Cannon and James Watts) to discuss Arnie's Instagram, Lindsay Lohan's latest gig, L.A. scoops, WHO BIT BEYONCE and much, much more! Tune in.

The Hot Goss Not-At-All-Superbowl Special ft. Pat Gourdeau - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #83

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The Goss crew is joined by the all-goss-knowing Pat Gourdeau to discuss Kim K's V-Day surprises, the unveiling of Yeezy season 6 (ft. our social section star Abella Danger), the continuation of the hip Reverend saga and much, much more! Tune in :D

How To Have A Humble Bro Down - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #91

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The Goss crew go guest-less to talk Goop-endorsed coffee enemas, butt chugging, humble bro downs, the forgotten members of the Cyri clan and much, MUCH more! Tune in and come see HOT GOSS LIVE (ft. some of your favourite GOSS GUESTS) at Psychic City on Saturday, January 20 at 8PM. PWYC/BYOB/dress to impress cause it's a RED CARPET AFFAIR, BABY!