LiLo's Cryo ft. Jacob Greco - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #4

Before you take a listen to this week’s HOT GOSS PODGOSST, here are three teeny tiny additional items for your VIEWING PLEASH.

DID YOU KNOW HARRY STYLES FANS CALL THEMSELVES “STANS”? Because I def didn’t. I also don’t understand how this Gossip Cop article treated that fact as a mere side note instead of a MAIN EVENT. Has everybody been making these sorts of decisions without me?

Three Kardashians (OK, FINE, ONE KARDASH AND TWO JENNERS) plastered prosthetics all over their faces and took a Hollywood bus tour while looking fucking insane.

I went to see Sanam Sindhi (you know, from that Rihanna video) DJ Saturday night and, as far as I could see, she did not DJ. But other women did. And it was amazing. And now I’m tired. Maybe she wasn’t actually supposed to DJ. Maybe she was just expected to hang. I don’t know. LEAVE ME ALONE!

Ok, now on to the EP, featuring special guest JACOB GRECO! We talk Lindsay Lohan (for maybe way too long/also not long enough), CRYOTHERAPY (warts ‘n’ all LOL THAT’S A JOKE RELATING TO THE EP LISTEN FOR LOLs OR DIE), Richard Simmons and his black magic practising/hostage holding housekeeper, celebrity power moves, MARIAH QUEEN OF SHADE and famous people getting drunk on the dangerous combo of power and alcohol. Well, mostly alcohol. This episode also contains a HOT GOSS EXCLUSIVE that will BLOW YOUR MINDS*!

*Not really. It’s mostly just ok, I guess.