How To Have A Humble Bro Down - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #91

ansel hot goss

The Goss crew go guest-less to talk Goop-endorsed coffee enemas, butt chugging, humble bro downs, the forgotten members of the Cyri clan and much, MUCH more! Tune in and come see HOT GOSS LIVE (ft. some of your favourite GOSS GUESTS) at Psychic City on Saturday, January 20 at 8PM. PWYC/BYOB/dress to impress cause it's a RED CARPET AFFAIR, BABY!

Beastly Tweets & Technical Difficulties ft. Daniel Carin - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #56

Lindsay Lohan Prank Hot Goss

The Goss crew is joined by the wonderful/hilarious Daniel Carin (and a HUGE technical difficulty, aka one not-plugged-in-enough-mic WHOOPS!) to discuss some seriously beastly tweets (courtesy of James Blunt and Cat Deeley), Brad Pitt's very emo approach to post-divorce healing, Lindsay Lohan's upcoming prank show and more! TUNE IN and stick with it because WE LOVE YOU!

Just Another Supremely Dark Ep, NBD ft. David Kuyek - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #48

Shia Hot Goss

The Goss crew is joined by David Kuyek to talk about Christopher Meloni's selfie skills (the ray of light in this dark, dark ep), T-Swift's decision not to join the Women's March, Shia's latest art proj/troll magnet, Paris Jackson's Rolling Stone cover story and MORE! 80% of this ep will not distract you from the horrors of the real world and for that we apologize in advance. THANKS FOR LISTENING WE LOVE YOU (unless you are a neo-nazi).