I Still Want Drake To Murder My Vagina ft. Marilis Cardinal - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #66

Amanda Bynes Hot Goss

The Goss crew (ft. James Watts in for Emma Overton) is joined by verified Hot Goss Allstar Marilis Cardinal to discuss Amanda Bynes' big comeback interview, Hilary Duff's newly famous derrière, A Rod (possibly) being a dingus to J.Lo and fonts. TAKE A LISTEN, IT'LL BE FUN WE PROMISE!

GASOLINA (She Makes The Purr Sound Of Cats) ft. No Guests - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #62

katy perry hot goss

The Goss crew goes guest-less this week to talk David Spade's social presence, the MTV Movie & TV Awards For Woke Youth Inc., Katy Perry's faux-zeness (DO NOT COME FOR HER, ANYONE, ANYONE, ANYONE!!!!!!) and the hidden meaning behind Daddy Yankee's "Gasolina".

Beastly Tweets & Technical Difficulties ft. Daniel Carin - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #56

Lindsay Lohan Prank Hot Goss

The Goss crew is joined by the wonderful/hilarious Daniel Carin (and a HUGE technical difficulty, aka one not-plugged-in-enough-mic WHOOPS!) to discuss some seriously beastly tweets (courtesy of James Blunt and Cat Deeley), Brad Pitt's very emo approach to post-divorce healing, Lindsay Lohan's upcoming prank show and more! TUNE IN and stick with it because WE LOVE YOU!

The Mystery Of Girl Crush SOLVED! ft. GIRL CRUSH & Marilis Cardinal - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #53

Girl Crush Hot Goss

You read that correctly! The Goss crew (joined yet again by the wonderful Marilis Cardinal) chats with none other than GIRL CRUSH HERSELF! GC answers all the crew's pressing questions and debunks our numerous conspiracy theories. She also turns out to be one of the sweetest people on this planet we call earth. TAKE A LISTEN and see for yourselves! Back to regular format next week, but we hope you enjoyed this truly special journey as much as we did. 

~WEB EXCLUSIVE~ Girl Crush Conspiracy Corner ft. Marilis Cardinal - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #52

girl crush hot goss

In this HOT GOSS WEB EXCLUSIVE, the crew is joined by the wonderful Marilis Cardinal to discuss the MYSTERY of GIRL CRUSH. Who is she? Where did she come from? Why was she on the Grammys red carpet? So many questions, so few answers to be found... until we INTERVIEW the WOMAN HERSELF in our follow up episode! Full disclosure: this baby isn't going up on iTunes because we felt pretty bad about roastin' her so hard. After listening to Part 2, you'll see why. 

Are You Intrigued By The Juggalos? ft. Big Jay Oakerson - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #51

Big Jay Oakerson ICP Hot Goss

Back in July, the Goss crew had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing/hilarious Big Jay Oakerson in a room full of hungover AF comics at the Just For Laughs festival. Take a listen as they discuss One Direction (kinda), fucked up horror movies and, of course, the Gathering of the Juggalos! 

Look forward to a new MEGA episode next week, featuring an exclusive interview with the artist known as GIRL CRUSH. 

A Ripped Intern Who Assumes Nothing! ft. Kevin Shustack - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #49

Beyonce Twins Goss

The Goss crew is joined by the wonderful Kevin Shustack (and James Watts in for Iain MacNeil) to discuss the joys of Cardi B's Instagram presence, Rob Lowe's personal assistant position, Beyonce's TWINS, the evil lurking behind Coachella, a fake Hollywood strike and more! 100% LESS DARK THAN LAST WEEK, WE PROMISE ;)

Just Another Supremely Dark Ep, NBD ft. David Kuyek - Hot Goss Podgosst - Ep #48

Shia Hot Goss

The Goss crew is joined by David Kuyek to talk about Christopher Meloni's selfie skills (the ray of light in this dark, dark ep), T-Swift's decision not to join the Women's March, Shia's latest art proj/troll magnet, Paris Jackson's Rolling Stone cover story and MORE! 80% of this ep will not distract you from the horrors of the real world and for that we apologize in advance. THANKS FOR LISTENING WE LOVE YOU (unless you are a neo-nazi).