Season 2 Episode 8: Sound and Voice with Templeton Philharmonic

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Well, here we go again! It's full on SUMMER and we keep on pumping out more great, informative and entertaining content. This week we speak with the Templeton Philharmonic (Gwynne Phillips and Briana Templeton) all about voice and sound in comedy. They're truly experts on the topic and we learn a lot and hopefully you will too!

A bit about our Experts:

The Templeton Philharmonic are a Toronto-based comedy duo comprised of Gwynne Phillips and Briana Templeton. The two are known for their sketches which blend period pieces, surrealism, dance sequences and biting social commentary - all with a feminist bent. 

They've performed at festivals like the San Francisco Sketchfest, New York City Sketchfest, and even on stage at Massey Hall one time with astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield. They've picked up awards for their work like "Producer's Pick" at Toronto Sketchfest, "Patron's Pick" at the Toronto Fringe Festival and "Best Comedy Duo" at the LA Comedy Festival.

Follow The Templeton Philharmonic on Twitter at @templetonphil and separately you can follow Gwynne at @Gwynne_Phillips and Briana at @BrianaTempleton

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