Season 2 Episode 7: What Agents Want with Alicia Faucher and Alix Kazman

Alicia Faucher and Alix Kazman

Can you's another amazing episode of Experts? We all want to know what it takes to make it in *showbiz*, so Alix Kazman and Alicia Faucher from Fountainhead Talent are our guests this week, telling us what agents want!

A bit about our Experts:

Alicia Faucher knew from a young age that she would work in the film industry. After three years assisting in various roles on various tv shows she crossed over to the agent side, landing at LeFeaver Talent. In 2017 she joined the team at Fountainhead, where she continues to build performance careers as well as her own.

Alix Kazman studied acting at Dalhousie University where she decided to remain in the arts…offstage.  She worked in makeup & special effects for 7 years before she woke up one morning with a severe makeup allergy.  This prompted a sudden shift and after a brief stint in casting, she found her home representing and advocating for performers.

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