Season 2 Episode 5: The Toronto Second City Mainstage with Nadine Djoury and Allana Reoch


It's another Monday, which means it's time for another episode of Experts! This week we spoke with a couple of very charming and talented individuals: Nadine Djoury and Allana Reoch, all about being on the Toronto Second City Mainstage! 

A little bit about our experts:

Nadine Djoury is an actor, improviser and writer based in Toronto. Nadine is currently a member of Second City's Mainstage Company. She has previously performed with Second City's Touring and Family companies and earned a Dora Award nomination for Best Ensemble in Super Dude vs. Doctor Rude. You can also catch Nadine making up funnies on the spot with improv troupe Your Kids at Bad Dog Theatre.

Allana Reoch is a current member of the Mainstage cast for The Second City’s 82st revue, Walking on Bombshells. She is a four-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee & past winner of the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund Award. She can be seen performing around Toronto as a solo performer and with her troupe, Panacea.

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