Season 2 Episode 2: The Intersection of Music and Comedy with Tatyana Olal and Kelly Kay


Picture it. It's Monday morning. You're sitting (let's be real, you're most likely standing) on the subway, wondering how you got there after the weekend that seems to have all but passed you by. You hit play on your new fave podcast, Experts, and suddenly you find yourself being simultaneously soothed, enthused and educated by the sheer amazingness coming through your headphones. You have a new lease on life, you can do anything - maybe you'll start a band! Maybe you'll start doing stand up! Or both! This newfound self confidence is brought to you by this week's guests: Tatyana Olal and Kelly Kay, as we discuss this week's topic, The Intersection Between Comedy and Music. You're welcome.

A little bit about our experts:

Kelly Kay is a writer, podcast host, musician and self-proclaimed trash queen who lives in and works out of Montreal. She hosts The Brunch Club’s celebrity gossip and pop culture podcast The Hot Goss Podgosst and is the author of Fucken Yum, a satirical cookbook/lifestyle guide. She earns her living writing pornographic masterworks for websites you may or may not frequent, and is the co-writer and star (one of four, anyway) of the upcoming (non-pornographic) horror film Death Trip. She is also ¼ of the band Gashrat. As you may have guessed, she is a double Virgo.

Tatyana Olal is a Montreal-based performer and reluctant stand-up comedian. She has performed and been featured at Montreal Monochrome Festival, OFF-JFL, Montreal SketchFest, MoMA PopRally, JFL (Comedy PRO) and LadyFest. She is the co-producer of the monthly stand-up comedy show, Squad Laughs, and has committed to plaguing the city with her acerbic performance style that has more accurately been described as "a public airing of grievances."

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