Why You Should Give Howl Premium a Try

The Netflix subscription model has proven to be so successful, even Pornhub, the website that taught us to expect pornography to be free, is trying their hand at it. Another group's trying it too. Comedy podcast giant Earwolf, with sister-site Wolfpop and WTF with Marc Maron, have moved their extensive backlogs to Howl Premium, Midroll Media's new premium podcast app/site. 

Howl Premium? Da fuck is that?

Were you not paying attention? We already explained it. Howl Premium is Midroll Media's new premium podcasting app/site that lets you enjoy all your favourite comedy podcasts and all new original series for $4.99 a month.

Now, you might be a little unsettled by the thought of paying for podcasts, but we feel we've found a compelling argument for why you should consider it: according to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Scott Aukerman's net worth is only $500,000!


We signed up for SquareSpace. All our clothes are from Bonobos. Those goddamn Loot Crates won't stop coming! And Scotty STILL isn't swimming in that sweet, sweet moola!

Scott Aukerman, both as the host of Comedy Bang! Bang! and Midroll Media's Chief Creative Officer, has provided us with countless hours of comedy podcasting excellence all on good faith that we'll use the Stamps.com promo codes provided. Paying $4.99 a month for unlimited access to brand new Earwolf shows as well as old favourites might seem unfair, but really, it's unfair that we've been taking advantage of The Choctaw for so long.

If you too are offended by Scott Aukerman's paltry estimated net worth of $500,000, then sign up for Howl Premium today either on the app or Howl.fm and help raise Scott-o-bot's net worth to a respectable $500,004.99.