Who Should We Book for Our Next Run of Shows?

Anyone but this guy.

Anyone but this guy.

Are you on the comedown from the comedy high that is Just For Laughs? Don't you wish you get another taste of that sweet, sweet stand-up comedy cheeba before July 2016? Thanks to your friends at The Brunch Club, you can.

Some of you may only know The Brunch Club as a website filled to the gills with esoterica. However, we're so much more than that! We also put on monthly stand-up comedy shows. Specifically, comedy shows featuring performers that are usually in town for a world-renown comedy festival that shall not be named. It's why we have the UPCOMING SHOWS  and BUY TICKETS tabs on the top menu.


Our summer hiatus is coming to an end, which means that we've got to get back in the swing of booking exciting, hilarious comedians so that you can come out and see them in intimate settings. (Not that kind of intimate! 😅)

Before we get on the phone with high powered Hollywood agents, we want to know who you'd like to see come to town to tell some jokes (and perhaps some amusing anecdotes as well).

Please beloved Brunch Clubber, you're our only hope. Tell us you which comedians you'd like to come to Montreal (and maybe Toronto too, ssshh that's a secret) some time between September and May and you better believe that we'll do our darndest to get them!

Only one rule: Not Bill Cosby. You know...for obvious reasons.

Or if you prefer, you can always get at us via Twitter @BrunchClubMTL or visit The Brunch Club's Facebook page and make your suggestions there.

Thank you for your time Brunch Clubber. See you in September.

Love always,

Da Brinch Clib. 😘.