What Todd Glass Doesn't Know About U2 Is Hilarious

Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman are U2 fans. They are such big fans that they have a whole show dedicated to subjects of the band on Earwolf's podcast network called "U Talkin' U2 to me?". Now, it's hard to believe that comedian Todd Glass would be in ignorant bliss of all things U2. After all, Todd wasn't born in 2001 and the band is still arguably one of the biggest in the world. Somehow the cultural significance of Bono–the first Irish musician to leverage charitable causes to give his public image infallibility–has escaped Todd. The podcast episode was published over a year ago but this clip was integrated into a recent "This American Life". episode which reminded us that that it's weird if you don't know the song "Sunday Bloody Sunday" or the band that undermined Apple's credibility by giving us a free album no one wanted.