UK Comedian Bisha K Ali Goes Viral: An Interview

Bisha K Ali is a comedian from the UK who recently wrote a Facebook post, about all the upside-down-and-around things women hear throughout their lives, that got over 2,000 shares and likes. Speak of the devil, here's the post it:

We spoke with Bisha about her recent interweb success, how the post came to be, and where it's taken her.

What inspired your viral hit of a post?

The divine muse, also known as my infinite well of sadness. I sometimes go down the well to contemplate new recipes, and then I'll shuffle a brick or two around (often these are made from crushed hopes, dreams, aspirations, etcetera), and if I'm lucky there will be a bright spark waiting for me. It's rare, and you have to knock down a lot of the bricks (thus making the well redundant), but sometimes - sometimes it's worth it.

How has life changed now that you're internet famous?

More people want to be my friend and I'm all hey internet person, this relationship might be great but it might also keep us addicted to these infernal machines, faces aglow with the fluorescent wash of laptop and mobile phone screens sucking the life from us while we think we're learning new things about the world. Trust me, the future is now.

If you could edit-in or edit-out something from the post what would it be?

I'd edit out some of the bad grammar, and put in some more things about the a-word, secret intimate times and body image. Some people who shared it commented that it was 'a little long,' so I'd make it longer so only true believers stuck with it.

What is your favourite lady part?

My hands, for they make things like veggie burritos, curtains, scientific discoveries and offensive gesticulations.

Why are women so gosh-darn stupid and beautiful?

I think it's cause of Mariska Hargitay, but I could be wrong.

What is the worst part of fame?

Everyone's mad I keep refreshing my timeline at the dinner table.

Have you purchased any expensive furs yet?

I'm vegan, so this question is horse shit. I only bathe in soy milk and champagne now.

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