Steve Patrick Adams & Brad MacDonald Are Very Special

Only the best graphic design for these special guys!

Only the best graphic design for these special guys!

Steve Patrick Adams and Brad MacDonald are taping their very own comedy specials Thursday, April 27th, 2017 at Turbo Haüs.

What else can we say about these two sweeties and their debut comedy specials other than: "Buy tickets now because they are cheaper in advance than at the door!" 

Since that's all we can say about Steve Patrick Adams and Brad MacDonald, we reached out to friends, family, peers and contemporaries to vouch for what these two dudes have to offer.

Melina Maria Trimarchi, disciplinarian:


They are so funny and kind--two very good qualities."

Iain MacNeil, verbose host:

"I like 'John' Brad MacDonald. And I like Steve Patrick Adams. But I can't shake the feeling that one of them will be responsible for my mysterious, untimely death. Steve is so soft-spoken and Brad has crazy eyes. Steve is a father and Brad is a doctor so they won't rouse too much suspicion during the investigation. Rest assured one of them will have my blood on their hands. Keep a close eye on Brad. He's a MacDonald. A highlander. MacNeils are highlanders. And you know what they say about highlanders, don't you? There can only be one..."

D.J. Mausner, adult that looks like a baby:

"Steve is a very nice man with a pleasant face and dewey eyelids. Though his comedy is often performed in a gentle tone, his punchlines are sharp like a needle, or in his opinion, parenthood. This man is very smart and very funny and very kind and you should see his special if you have a baby or if you were ever a baby!

Brad is not only a very funny man, he is also a very caring man who loves massive Old English Sheepdogs. What a beam of light! So bright and very warm. Just like the sun. Everyone should go to his show! This part is just for Brad so don't read it: I'm proud of you, sun."

Scott Andrew Carter, irrigation expert:

"Brad Macdonald has a sunshine smile, and Steve Patrick Adams is pure sex. Two of the finest dentists I've worked with."

Deirdre Trudeau, "fr"-enemy / pre ghost:

"Steve Patrick Adams is intolerable and incorrigible. Others seem to like him. He can draw okay and I respect that if nothing else. Brad MacDonald, meanwhile, could best be described as a big smile that sweats quite a bit but in the most endearing way. We had a good laugh about pants that weren't jeans one time. He just got his PhD in English so you know he can read, and in the end isn't that the most fuckable quality in a man?"

Shawn Stenhouse, doodlist:

"Brad is my favourite of all the polite adult men doing comedy these days. He usually smells nice. 

Steve is a very funny man and a very talented artist. He drew a picture of me and him on a tandem bicycle and charged me $20 for it. He said I asked him to draw it but I don't remember that at all."

Baby Emily, c/o SPA:


James Watts, steady-cam:

"If you like frat comedy--real Animal House type stuff minus all the sex, drinking, pranks and way more begrudgingly assuming responsibility as you embark on a new chapter in adulthood--Steve Patrick Adams is your man! 

And how about that Brad MacDonald? If it weren't for his serial killer stare, he'd be the most handsome comedian working today!"

Sasha Manoli, enthusiast:

"Brad and Steve have facial hair."


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