Steph Tolev Is Very Special

Hey steph!

Hey steph!

One of Canada's most beloved stand-up comedians, Steph Tolev, is coming home to shoot her own Brunch Club comedy special. We couldn't be more excited because Steph is one special performer. But don't take our word for it, take several people's word for it! We asked Brunch Clubbers what make Steph so gd special and this is what they had to say:

DeAnne Smith, medium-energy comedian:

Once, during a competition I was headlining, I had to do an extra 15 minutes of material after my closer as they tallied the votes, because Steph, the host, had popped an ecstasy and left the premises. How badass is that? Steph Tolev is punk rock's punk rock. But of jokes. 

Oh, and the undercard, Jacob Greco, is currently in some kind of a burger commercial, I think.

Natalie Norman, crimson wave surfer:

There is no one funnier than Steph Tolev. I can say that with complete confidence. I have seen her perform on dozens of shows and without a doubt she makes the audience and myself laugh so hard. I cannot count the amount of times Steph has made me cry from laughing so hard. It's well over a dozen.

I send her weekly requests to come do my show in Toronto--The Crimson Wave--but unfortunately she has moved to Los Angeles. I am so jealous that I won't be in Montreal to see her perform. I really, really wish I could be there. Steph Tolev is my favourite comedian.

Peter Stevens, Elephant Empire:

Steph Tolev is very funny. You'll definitely come away with a joke that you'll always think about. I love watching her bring a joke into larger than life land. Steph has a wonderful balance between the silly and the realness, the husky hyper-aggressive and the humble, and she's a wonder at the craft of comedy and being in the moment. I can't stop thinking about her as the singing instructor (Carlos on the So Many Wolves album by Ladystache, see below).

Morgan O'Shea, rival:

Steph Tolev is special because I find her hilarious even though she constantly makes fun of me. Plus she's Bulgarian or something. That's special, right? Not a lot of those. 

Deirdre Trudeau, acrostic poet:

S uper duper lady

T reasure, National

E xactly as funny as is the perfect amount

P ositively gross

H oly moly you're in for a good show

Erin Hall, sketch republican:

Steph Tolev is always having fun. You want proof? Here's a picture of her pretending to be a teenie, tiny man. 

Photo credit: erin hall. Thank you, erin!

Photo credit: erin hall. Thank you, erin!

Iain MacNeil, fact-checker:

When I was working for the Just For Laughs festival as a copywriter, Steph tracked me down and asked me, "Did you write these programs?"---"I wrote the artist bios," I replied.

"Amazing! Because in here you wrote that this guy was a puppeteer who had performed with the Muppets and none of it's true! I was with him backstage and he was freaking out. The funniest thing I've seen all festival." And that's the story of how Steph Tolev taught me how to not worry about professional mishaps and just enjoy the schadenfreude.

Sasha Manoli, mastermind:

This slightly altered Amazon review of Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Women's Curvy Boot Cut Jean by Ellie perfectly sums up my personal feelings towards Steph: I LOVE the fit of these! They are very flattering to my postpartum body. Size 8 ordered. Really great price for such a great pair!

Steph Tolev and Jacob Greco are taping their specials on Thursday, February 16th, 2017
@ 5011 rue Notre Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC

Save $5 at the door and get your tickets now below.