Sean Patton: Scorpio Rising

Hi everyone,

Have you ever been tasked with a job you are simply, 100% unqualified to accomplish? Because I have, and that feat was telling you all why you should see Sean Patton’s solo show at OFF JFL this week. Quite frankly, though I’d heard nothing but great things about the guy from strangers, both online and in person, I’m the kind of strong-willed, savvy woman who only trusts real friends. It’s not many of us. We smile at each other. But how many, honest? TRUST ISSUES!

This being the case, I reached out to my good pal Kanye West to tell me a little bit about one of his favourite comedians of all time, Sean Patton. Unfortunately, Kanye was unavailable for a lengthy chat due to his ongoing public battle with Taylor Swift, aka Slippery Satan Incarnate. I spoke with Ye briefly and he suggested I get in touch with another big Patton fan by the name of Mike Carrozza who, just by chance, happened to be located right here in the city of Montreal. Because I don’t do face-to-face anything ever, I got a hold of him on Facebook yesterday afternoon in an attempt to get to the bottom of why everyone thinks this Patton character is so damn great. Here’s what happened:


Sean Patton graces Theatre Saint-Catherine on July 23 and Katacombes on July 25. EVERY SHOW IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY, so don’t miss out!