Remembering the First Time You Saw a PT Cruiser

Never forget <3 <3

Never forget <3 <3

Shannon Rockford from Hudson, Quebec

"At first I was confused. Was the car made of wood or metal? This question tormented me so that I eventually had to buy one. Of course, I went with the wood paneling on the doors because it's good to have an icebreaker. 'Is your car made of wood or metal?' they always ask me. And I'm just glad to make a new friend."

Lee Andives from Vancouver, British Columbia

"15 years. I was sober for 15 years and all it took was one look at a PT Cruiser as it zoomed right past me and I started drinking again."

Radko Kristers Gudlevskis from Riga, Latvia

"At the time, I was designing my own car. Nothing special. Four doors, four wheels--five if you include the steering wheel. Things were going well until one day, my brother Kristaps barged into my office and showed me a picture of the PT Cruiser. I can feel my face falling just thinking about that moment. A 5-door hatchback that drew its inspiration from classic hot rods? I knew I could never compete with such ingenuity, which is why I have been in bed ever since."

Parker Sarah Jessica from White Plains, New York

"I remember the first time I ever saw a PT Cruiser like is was yesterday. I was on the train, coming home from my job in the city, staring out the window, contemplating whether or not I had let life pass me by, when all of a sudden I saw this shiny, silver, modern yet retro gift from God appeared on the interstate parallel to the train tracks. It was the PT Cruiser. I got off at the next stop, called my husband to tell him we were getting a divorce and took a cab to the nearest Chrysler dealership so that I could begin becoming the person I was always meant to be."

Miranda Lin Manuella from Weehawken, New Jersey

"When 1999 was winding down, I retreated into my bomb shelter to escape the end of civilization, which in those days we called Y2K. After six months, my food stocks ran out and I returned to the surface to forage Weehawken's ruins for more preserves. To my surprise, the world had not ended at the stroke of the millennium. Instead of devastation, I saw a glimmer of hope: the Chrysler PT Cruiser."

Agatha Kirstie from Cabot Cove, Maine

"I don't like to think about what might have happened had I never seen a PT Cruiser. Because if I had never laid eyes on a PT Cruiser, I would either be dead or in jail."