Open Letter to Nardwuar

In my mind Nardwuar The Human Serviette is the world's greatest music journalist/celebrity interviewer. I was first introduced to John Ruskin aka Nardwuar via MuchMusic's more alternative programming in the 90s (I'm so very, very old). 

Last week I noticed an article in Noisey reporting that Nardwuar suffered a stroke and was in hospital. Truly awful news for two main reasons:

1. Strokes suck.

2. If you happen know me, even casually, odds are I've subjected you to a rant or two about one of my life long dreams since starting to produce shows: To produce a  Nardwuar event featuring a series of live canadian celeb interviews. I have obsessed over wanting to make this show a reality to the extend that I have pitched previous employers  (Just For Laughs, The Phi Centre) hard and soft on the idea for the last few years to no avail to date. I'm determined to see this aspiration to its fruition. And so...

Dear Nardwuar,

Expect an official invitation to Join the Brunch Club very soon.

Warm regards,
Sasha Manoli

P.S. I'm very glad to read you are out of hospital and recovering nicely!