New Dad Diary #3: Baby`s Review of My Comforting Techniques

Cradling me in his arms

Expectations for the cradle were high going in and unfortunately I left his arms with a big yawn followed by some screeches and cries. The swaying motion left much to be desired while the position of the  left elbow felt gauche. It’s quite possible he’s confused me with a large rock he doesn’t seem to respect.

Laying me on his stomach

It’s a shame there isn’t a 0 star option because I would strongly consider giving my first one to this uninspired mess. Simply laying me on his stomach had all the markings of a man phoning it in late in the day. Is the miserable shape of his stomach and chest supposed to soothe me? He does realize I was floating in a cozy weightless environment for most of my life, doesn’t he?

Standing me up

The holder has his two hands underneath my armpits like I’m Simba in the Lion King. The very idea of bearing witness to this catastrophe again makes me want waddle my dainty arms around while sending out a cry that might make the neighbors call the police.

Resting me on his knee

This position might have been a real hit if not for the bony knees supporting my tender baby body. As punishment, I hope my remaining bit of umbilical cord falls directly into his morning breakfast cereal.

Resting me on his lap

The best part of this placement was when I peed myself and it trickled onto his leg.

Baby Tickle

I laughed until I cried. Actually, I just cried… a lot.

The Back Rub

The phrase/noise, Goo goo gah gah, comes to mind. That’s baby for ‘fuck this guy if he thinks a back rub is what I want’.

The Shoulder Rest

The first sign of life in ages for this weary baby holder, and that’s coming from someone with at least 67 hours worth of living experience. The bobbing motion is tolerable at times while the area to rest my chin is appreciated in small doses. If you’re going to go with this hold, I would highly recommend this not being the only hold you have from someone that night.


Breast Feeding

Simply outstanding. What else is there to say?

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