New Study Shows It's a Good Doggie


National Dog Day came and went recently. Sure, it sounds like a made up thing because it wasn't marked on any of our calendars (and you better believe we'd have National Dog Day marked on our calendars) but hey! Anything for dogs!

In belated celebration of National Dog Day, we decided to do some research to determine whether or not it's a good dog or bad dog.

Is it a good dog?

According to Brunch Club research, 75% of dogs are good dogs because all they want to do is be your best friend. Even though 44% of good dogs were also deemed stinky dogs, stinky dogs were found to have the best temperament because they knew they had to work a little hard for your affection since they were really stinky.

Meanwhile, an astonishing 12% of dogs were found to be bag dogs. Due to the fact that the dog was concealed in a bag (i.e. purse, carrier-purse, tote bag, backpack, etc.), researchers were not able to determine whether the dog was good or bad. They were simply bag.

An alarming 13% of dogs were found to be rabid, which is a shame because they were once good dogs. The sudden spike in rapid dogs comes from pet owners in support of the anti-vax movement. The lone bright spot of this statistic is that the rabid dogs have a high probability of biting their anti-vax owners and they won't be negligent pet owners much longer.