Need Advice? #AskTranna!

Dear reader, 

You wouldn't know it by the way I dress, but I am a very modest girl. I don't like to brag about my beauty, talent, and impeccable sense of style, but there is one thing I will allow myself to brag about: my ability to dispense the best life advice you'll ever receive.

Had I not chosen the glamorous career of a standup comedian, I am quite certain I would have been a life coach. My advice has actually helped tens and tens of people get their lives on track. I am confident that if she'd reach out to me, I could even help Madonna get her shit together. Yes, I'm that good. Now you may be wondering why I'm telling you any of this. Well, I have some big news. I will be writing an advice column for The Brunch Club!

You will be able to send me your questions about any topic and you will receive the best advice for FREE! I know, I'm such a giver (just ask some of the local hot jocks). I want you to feel comfortable to ask me any question at all, whether it's about relationships (dump him), family conflicts (move out) or how to get more Instagram followers (take your shirt off). If you want to know which Mariah Carey album you need to have in your collection, I can tell you right now it's Rainbow. You may write to me in the strictest confidence, knowing that I will do everything to protect your anonymity. I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you in any way I can. I got your back. 


Need Tranna's advice? Send a tweet to @TrannaWintour and @BrunchClubMTL don't forget to use the hashtag #AskTranna. Your problem/question longer than a tweet? Fill in the form below.