Narnie Interviewed

Ladyfest is in full swing, and we've already seen stand up and storytelling shows filled with the cream of the crop of the Montreal's funniest women. Excuse me, Montreal's funniest human women. That's right, Ladyfest doesn't discriminate; they're all about celebrating the best of females, be they insect, reptile, bird, or in the case of our recent interview, sea-dwelling mammalia.
So we asked our friend Lise Vigneault to set up an interview with Narnie The Narwhal, the host of Ladyfests' Let's Get Sketchy sketch show and mascot for the entire festival; the funniest, humblest, horniest narwhale this side of the Atlantic, and boy, did she deliver.

Lise Vigneault is a godsend. She's a Montreal actress, sketch comedian, improviser, chef, rule breaker, salt shaker and a producer for this years' ever-growing Ladyfest. Not just a shining talent on stage, she's got real connections off stage too. Not Hollywood connections, or Broadway connections, but real connections to real life women who we here at Brunch Club would never dream of connecting with. So we asked her if we could interview one of her funny female friends, and she went above and beyond. She hooked us up with the mascot of Ladyfest and the owner of several small vestigial teeth: Narnie The Narwhal. Narnie rarely leaves the ocean and rarely does press, so this is a double 'get'. Please enjoy our interview, and for Narnie's sake, stop dumping your garbage into the ocean. She hates that. 

1) Narnie, how did you become the mascot for LadyFest?

i was taking my very first holiday on land and all the humans were pointing at me and laughing. It was then i realized i loved being in the spotlight, so i looked in the narwhal section of the job postings and voila! There it was: 'LadyFest mascot wanted: narwhal experience an asset'.
It was that easy!

2) Narnie, what is LadyFest?
It is my understanding that ladyfest is a festival for human females to show other human females how loud they can laugh.

3) Narnie, what do you have to say to those people who wrongly think that narwhals aren't funny? 

I dont think narwhals are funny either. We are very serious creatures.

4) Narnie, obviously attending any LadyFest show is a great way to support/celebrate Montreal's women in comedy, but are there any health benefits one can reap from going to any number of shows on the LadyFest program?
Well certainly if there were a better selection of raw fish, there would be MANY health benefits. But, I heard that humans absorb laughter into their brain-skin and it is converted into 'good cheer'.. Its a technical science word I dont understand, but humans like it.

5) Narnie, where do men get off hogging all the tusks?

Male narwhals naturally have VERY LOW self-esteem, and their fear of female Narwhals is too much to bear for most of them.. the female narwhal is a powerful creature; their intuition is incredibly accurate, which males secretly find intimidating and most males will blindly do whatever a female narwhal wishes, as if under a spell, all for the chance to... You know... Cuddle. They mask their fear and inferiority with claims that having a tusk is 'important' and it somehow makes them smarter.. but alas it is just a tusk that comes in handy some of the time and most of the time, it gets them into trouble. We have a real problem down there (in the sea) with male narwhals making ALL the decisions because their pathetic inferiority complex.. And we females just watch them with sadness in our eyes, that they try SO HARD to prove to us that they are the superior sex, but we all know that females are the ones who make the REAL decisions and males are our minions.
I hear it is similar here on land? Is this true?

6) Narnie, LadyFest is only 1 week out of 52. What can we do to support women in comedy the other 51 weeks of the year?

Always show a female human how hard you can laugh.. No matter what stage she is on.

Narnie the Narwhal, aka Lise Vigneault, is hosting Let's Get Sketchy, a glorious sketch comedy show featuring the troupes Pickle Party from Montreal, Dominant Wolf & The O.C. from Toronto, and headliner Amanda Xeller from New York.
The show is Thursday, September 15th at 8PM, at Theatre St. Catherine, the headquarters for LadyFest.
Tickets are available at the door or at