Montreal Sketchfest 2016: You Want To Go

Festival art by Steve Patrick Adams

Festival art by Steve Patrick Adams

My personal history with sketch comedy is a long and storied one. It all began when every boy I ever dated owned a lot of SNL biographies. These books contained words like ‘sketch comedy’ and ‘comedy’ (I assume—I never had a chance to read one myself, as I was extremely busy thwarting the advances of young men trying to get me to read Bukowski). I also watched that movie “Footloose” about a backwater town that bans sketch comedy because it gets the teens too ‘hot’, then Frankenstein (Dan Akroyd) comes and murders all their gargoyles, including Kevin Bacon. Also, one time my nemesis forwarded me the Mad TV parody of "Gilmore Girls," I guess mistaking me for the kind of person who enjoys ‘jokes’ at the expense of her best friends. They guessed wrong.

Anyway, my journey continues tonight, the opening night of this year’s Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival—11th in its incredible run. The festival, hosted by Le Nouveau International, is famous for its stellar acts and familial, house-party vibes. This time ‘round they’ll be featuring over 60 troupes from across North America, as well as sketch comedy workshops and special collaborations with your favourite Montreal comics.

Tonight’s show, hosted by Match Made in Hell, features Opening Ceremonies and The Sacred Comedy Conch, and Ladies and Gentlemen, among others. It’s 8pm at the Theatre Saint Catherine Café Bar.

The festival ends on the 14th of May, so get ticket-buying. And it’s Mother’s Day weekend, so take your mom.

"Sounds painless, right?" - Montreal Rampage