Millennial Romance Novel

I knew it was kismet the minute the app declared us matched.

He messaged after we had been declared a match.

I answered. My thumbs trembled as I returned his formidable first serve.

"Hey have you ever seen the movie Catfish?"

"I saw it when it first came out, why?"

"No reason"
"I am who I say I am and not a horny teenage ghost"

"lol k"

"What are you into?"

"Mostly just playing my sex"

"lol wut?"
"You forward"

"Fucking autocorrect"
"My sax"

"Oh you blow?"

"I blow"

"I just came"

"lol wut?"
"Are you serious?"

Try as I might, I never did get a reply after my suitor came.
Perhaps they were a horny teenage ghost after all...