Michelle Wolf is "So Brave"

If we only had the nerve

If we only had the nerve

Way back in October 2015 The Brunch Club had the pleasure of hosting Michelle Wolf, where she confirmed what we always suspected: SHE IS SCARY GOOD AT TELLING JOKES. Just thinking about those two shows shortens my breath and oh my god I think I’m going to faint...

This summer, July 29th and 30th, Michelle Wolf returns to Montreal—the humble little island she burned to the ground with her burning hot talent, leaving those lucky enough to have seen her quivering and covered in ash—to perform her first solo show So Brave. If you read the show’s title and thought: “Oh my, that’s the type of confident boast that makes me want to whither and die,” well you’re right: it is awfully boastful, but justified nonetheless!

For proof of Michelle Wolf’s bravery, we need only tell you that she joined The Daily Show’s “Best F#@ing News Team” this April. If for some reason you haven’t seen a Daily Show segment in the past 20-years, trust us when we say that fearlessness is a quality all their correspondents must possess. When on location, these crazy comedians sit face to face with some of the world’s craziest people and eviscerate them at point blank range! When watching these segments, it’s important not to put yourself in their shoes as doing so will aggravate a peptic ulcer you didn’t even know you had. 

But Michelle Wolf’s bravery isn’t simply defined by her current day-job. When she was killing it as a New Face at Just for Laughs in 2014, she revealed to the Wall Street Journal that she moved to New York City—the scariest city in the whole wide world!—to work for securities trading and brokerage firm Bear Stearns, despite having no background in finance (ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME, MICHELLE? Why are my palms so sweaty?), right as the stock market was collapsing (Oh god, I can’t breathe).

In light of the company’s financial disarray Michelle decided to take improv classes, because why not learn to walk out on stage with nothing prepared and entertain to crowds of hardened New Yorkers? (Just breathe, Iain. Just breathe.) When a kinestheology graduate finds herself wearing a suit on corpse-ridden Wall Street, it takes a heck load of gusto to become a rising comedy star insteadso follow Michelle’s lead, be brave and let her refreshingly unique comedic voice lead you on a wild, skewed journey.