Liar Liar Show FAQ

What is The Liar Liar Show?

The Liar Liar Show is a concept show created by The Brunch Club where three comedians take turns telling stories. In each round, one comedian's story is fiction, embellished or an outright lie and it's up to the audience to sniff out who was deceiving them.

What's in it for me?

Prizes! If you manage to guess which comedian was lying in each round, you'll win a prize. On top of special prizes, you also get to call yourself a Human Polygraph for all eternity.

Do I need to be familiar with the 1997 film Liar Liar?

To enjoy the show, no, you do not need to be familiar with the 1997 comedy. However, we do recommend that you take a minute to revisit the movie at a later date because it is a beautiful story about the value of honesty.

Will Jim Carrey be attending?

Jim Carrey will not be physically attending but he will be present in our hearts and minds because he is a Canadian treasure in spite of his anti-vaxxer views.

Are you lying to me?

How dare you. Just because my new adidas track pants are fire does not mean they are on fire.

How do I know when I'm being lied to?

Always check for smoke billowing from below the speaker's waist. Where there's smoke, there's pants on fire. Also be aware of changes in voice and demeanour. Other common tells include: quick changes of the head's position, heavy breathing, standing very still, repeating words and phrases, providing too much information, touching or covering their mouth, shuffling feet, the speaker becomes tongue-tied, minimal blinking and lots of pointing.

What time is the show? 

8pm @ La Vitrola.

Cool. Me and 1 million of my closest friends will be there.

Don't you lie to me...