Let's Watch These 7 Classic Mr. Show Sketches to Get Hyped for With Bob & David

Is the teaser trailer for With Bob and David above a beautiful mirage?

Are Bob Odenkirk and David Cross really going to have a new sketch comedy show come November 13th?

Has it really been 16 years?

I guess there's nothing we can do but wait until November 13th to find out...

Oh wait! There is something we can do! We can watch our favourite Mr. Show sketches all over again to get hyped for With Bob and David. Netflix lawyers may insist that Bob and David's new sketch show is not Mr. Show* and the duo have said the new show is different, less conceptual than the cult classic, but we'll take any excuse to re-watch Mr. Show sketches and hopefully so will you!

Let's do it to it.

East Coast vs. West Coast Ventriloquists 

Blow Up The Moon

Titannica (aka Adam's Song)

Operation Hell on Earth

The Pre-Natal Beauty Pageant

Streakdome 97


Ok that's enough for now.

Time to curl up in bed until November 13th. It's gonna be nice.

*because the name "Mr. Show" is still HBO's intellectual property