Learning Guy Montgomery

We’d just like to start off by saying congratulations on a fantastic moustache.


You’re from New Zealand which is neat. We’re always looking to inspire Brunch Clubbers with enticing travel destinations. We went to New Zealand’s official site to see what one might have to look forward to. There seems to be a whole lot of outdoorsy activity suggestions. Do you have any tourism recommendations for people that enjoy hobbies such as Netflix, napping and cats?

Well the good news is all of those things are available in New Zealand, so you can try out all of your favourite Canadian hobbies in an exciting new environment. I genuinely believe if someone started a hotel on the basis of providing those three things concurrently they would become very successful. Why don't we do it? You and me, throw in the towel on this comedy game and become hotel millionaires.

What is your favourite fruit?

Is an avocado a fruit? It has a stone so technically it is a fruit. I love avocados, I eat them whole with soy sauce and salt or lemon or with no garnish. 

Why comedy? Why not a cushy barista job?

I tried the barista route! I was not super talented at making coffee, I was actually better and talking to the customers and ever since then I've been trying to do that without a till in between us.

Can you describe happiness in four words or less?

Clap along if you... 

Are you and Steve Patrick Adams in a secret moustache club?

Steve had the moustache first! I met him in Toronto and he was very funny and moustachioed and I said to myself "I want to be like that" and now here we are.

What has your greatest moment of 2016 been?

Finishing watching Sex and the City 2 for the 52nd and final time. There is no greater feeling than that.

What is your preferred brand of underwear?

I mostly where Macpherson for men on the off chance that somehow Elle Macpherson will notice and strike up a conversation with me.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Guy. We’ll see you tonight.

You surely will.

Wait…one last question…

 What are you wearing tonight? We like to coordinate. 

Right now I am in loose togs (swimmers) and a big blue t-shirt with a bald eagle and an American flag. I will be over the moon if someone shows up in the same outfit.