Joe Pera Can Talk Me to Sleep, but Can He Keep Me from Sleepwalking?

This video is made for me! I often have something playing in the background as I fall asleep and can't wait to put this into my bedtime rotation. My only question is could this also be the cure for my infrequent sleepwalking? I've had a lot of unconscious adventures; one time I woke up in my Pyjamas outside, in the middle of winter, at the driver's side of my car with my car keys in hand. Another time I woke up to a rat falling on my foot from my kitchen garbage under the sink. BONUS: This is how I found out I had a rat infestation–aka the worst roommates I've ever lived with. On more occasions than I can count, I've woken up in the morning with full pieces of unchewed food in my mouth. Once I woke up to an essay from a friend asking me why I was upset with them because I had written an email in my sleep that read "I am angry". I know this all sounds super fun but it doesn't leave you feeling all that rested. Maybe Joe Pera can relieve me of my night walking. Joe? please. I so tired.