Jacob Greco Is Very Special

Photo courtesy of Joketown

Photo courtesy of Joketown

Special guy Jacob Greco is taping his debut comedy special alongside his good friend Steph Tolev on February 16th, so we asked members of The Brunch Club to tell us what makes this goofy goose so special. Here's what they said:

D.J. Mausner, friend of the family:

Jacob is very sweet, so nice boy. When Jacob tells a joke, everyone laughed. Everyone! I can't wait for it. Jacob even sells chicken. He is a double threat. Can we just get!!!! Wow. Happy birthday, Jacob!

Nancy Webb, former equestrian friendship novel reader:

Jacob responded well to a forced horoscope reading and paints dog portraits in his spare time. 10 out of 10 good boy.

Erin Hall, sketch republican:

Jacob's always having fun. Just look at this video I took of Jacob.:

Deirdre Trudeau, acrostic poet:

J acob

A ny opportunity to see this show you should take it

C omedy murderdog

O h my gosh I love him

B est friend (?)

Vape guy, the guy who vapes:

I know Jacob is making fun of me whenever he does his 'vape guy' character, but he's just so goddarn likeable that I can't even be mad at him! I can huff down some clouds, but I can't hate Jake.

Morgan O'Shea, friend:

Jacob Greco's taping a special? Where's my special?!

Iain MacNeil, fisherman's friend:

Jacob Greco is the original cutie patootie. What I admire/envy most about Jacob Greco is his ability to sell any line. I seen him sell jokes that should have floundered, I seen him sell straight to a squiggle and I even seen him sell line dancing to a ballerina. Wow, what a talent.

Sasha Manoli, mastermind:

Seeing Jacob's face makes me wonder what eating a plate full of haggis on an emotional roller-coaster would be like. 

Steph Tolev and Jacob Greco are taping their specials on Thursday, February 16th, 2017
@ 5011 rue Notre Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC

Save $5 at the door and get your tickets now below.