Introducing Your New Daily Show Correspondents

In just over three weeks, your favorite “political” correspondents, Jessica Williams, Hasan Minhaj, Al Madrigal, and Aasif Mandvi will be back to the business of “reporting” fair and balanced news on the daily (get it?). The Daily Show recently announced that the A-team is going to be expanding under the supervision of their new leader, Trevor Noah, with the addition of three new correspondents, Ronnie Chieng, Desi Lydic, and Roy Wood Jr.  Let’s take a closer look:

Ronnie Chieng

Who is he? Cheing is a stand-up comedian based out of Australia, who has been rising the ranks of success within the comedy industry steadily for a few years now. He’s a trained lawyer, and it shows in his comedy, which is some of the most cerebral, and cutting, around. His credentials include opening for Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle, appearing regularly on four separate Australian ABC panel shows, and of course, being on The Ethnic Show, and having his own series of solo shows, at Montreal’s own Just for Laughs Festival.

Why will he rock The Daily Show? Chieng’s style of comedy is smart and nuanced, and he’ll be an integral part of the Daily Show in no time. With great material and an angry delivery to rival Lewis Black’s, he’ll be a pleasure to watch and listen to.

Desi Lydic

Who is she? Lydic is an actress who is currently plays Valerie Marks on MTV’s critically adored Awkward. She got her debut as “cutie” in the 2001 spoof comedy Not Another Teen Movie (who can forget an angry and artsy Lexie Grey as the object of Captain America’s affections?). Since then, she’s appeared in We Bought a Zoo, Dads, Friends with Better Lives, and The Odd Couple.

Why will she rock The Daily Show? A beautiful woman who has held her own in TV and movies for the better part of two decades? The Daily Show is a bit of a boy’s club, and we can’t wait for a talented and funny woman to come and shake things up! Bring it on!

Roy Wood Jr.

Who is he? Wood finished third in the seventh season of Last Comic Standing, and has since hosted his own radio show and was a regular on Sullivan & Son. He’s a regular on @Midnight and Conan, and is famous for his off-the-wall prank calls. He released two CDs of prank calls, and these calls are also frequently featured on Hip-Hop mixtapes.

Why will he rock The Daily Show?  Wood is no stranger to comedy, and after almost two decades in radio, he is definitely no stranger to interacting with an audience. His extensive history with prank-calling also proves that he has no fear, and won’t back away from asking the tough questions, or making people feel uncomfortable, which is a huge part of the correspondents’ job. We can’t wait!