Inside the Brilliant Mind of Chris Locke

Weird, enigmatically stached, champion thumps-upper–these are just a few defining characteristics which shape the genius of Chris Locke.  Often lauded as "doing better than his cousin, Brian, who drop out of college last year" by his mother, Chris has been inspiring people all over the world with his exceptional intellectual and creative power. We had the astute pleasure of sitting down with Chris in an attempt to dive deep into the depths of his mind and soul. 

How many friends do you have?

Right now it’s at 2833.

Who is your best friend?


Who would you identify as your nemesis?

A business man.

Of Mark (Little) and Tom (Henry) who is your most favourite friend and why?

I wish I could blend them together into a smoothie. For health reasons.

You're about to become a dad (congrats!). Do you have any baby names floating around in your head yet?

Thank you. Here are two names we’ve been kicking around: Plumjet, and Naan Brad.

Dark matter is always on people's minds. the problem is we know so little about it... What is the identity of dark matter? Is it a particle? Do the phenomena attributed to dark matter point to matter or to some kind of extension of gravity?

Dark matter is god’s molasses.

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