How Homegrown Is Daniel Carin?

Suspect holding ice cream cone

Suspect holding ice cream cone

For the past 18 Just for Laughs festivals, promising young comedians have been rounded up from all over the countryA Mari Usque Ad Mare, you might say. Pardon the Latin. These bright goofballs are rounded up and pitted against each other for some good old fashioned Canadian bloodsport: a friendly competition wherein everyone makes at least one friend. It is the HOMEGROWN COMICS (PRESENTED BY SIRIUSXM), a competition so synonymous with the history of our country I'm surprised they don't teach it in school. 

This year, the HOMEGROWN COMICS (PRESENTED BY SIRIUSXM) #19 will be held Friday, July 29 19:00 - 20:45 at Cinquieme Salle, Place Des Arts, 175 Ste-Catherine O. But of course, I don't have to tell you that. You already know that if you've ever been lulled to sleep by the call of a loon oscillating off the water and then so rudely awakened by the honking of that ghastly goose that bears the most beautiful name (CANADA). 

Scott Thompson hosts; Nigel Grinstead, Mike Rita, Keith Pedro, Chris Robinson, Mayce Galoni, Sophie Buddle, Ryan Dillon, Chantel Marostica, Jordan Chyzowski and Daniel Carin perform. Wait a minute. Daniel Carin?

Ladies and Gentlemen's very own Daniel Carin? How could this be? Oh yes, he is without a doubt a funnyman...but having never personally seen his passport...this begs the question...JUST HOW HOMEGROWN IS DANIEL CARIN? To find out, we pulled Daniel Carin into a dark room, shined a flashlight in his face and proceeded to interrogate him.

DC: Look I'm an open book! I'll tell you everything you want to know.

BC: Show us your birth certificate.

DC: I have Medicare card says CARD. And my sister Talia's says CART. That's all I know! I swear!

BC: Recount your entire life history and keep it concise!

DC: From what I can remember...there was a gorgeous woodland loon that flew up in the top right corner...The queen was there; smiling doing her regal wave... That's all I can remember. God, I wish I could be more help here.

BC: There's an election coming up in November. Will you be voting in that particular election?

DC: As you probably have on record, I am a convicted felon, so I won't be doing any voting come November. But hats off to anyone that does!

BC: Speaking of hats, what do you put on your head in winter? A tuque or a beanie? 

DC: As you probably have on record, I am a convicted felon, so I won't be doing wearing any hat-wearing come November. But elections off to anyone that does!

BC: Which great Canadian said this: "Yeah, can I have a double-double?"

DC: Was it Senator Van Houtte? He had a famous sweet-tooth.

BC: If you were to name all of Canada's provinces and territories, what would they be?

DC: Well, if I were to name them, and I’m not saying I’m going to, but if I did name them all, I think you’d be impressed with my clarity and thoughtfulness. I would give a fun little factoid about each province and territory, and I’d preface the final answer by saying, ‘and finally, of course, we have ...’, and you’d know that I was done; cementing my place as a legitimate citizen.

BC: Which Canadian treasure is pictured on the $500 bill?

DC: Jeez, I didn’t realize I was talking to the ‘duke’ of questions, some sort of big shot. I, personally, have only heard tell of the famed ‘$500 bill’, and the assumption I’ve laid my eyes on one is not only an insult to my ‘regular girl’ persona, but, frankly ... I can’t even speak. Excuse me ...