Hot Goss 9: As If The Emmys Weren’t Intolerable Enough… RICKY GERVAIS, Ladies & Gentlemen!

Wuddup Hot (Kate) Gosselins?

Today (or yesterday, depending on my level of laziness re: spreading the goss) is/was the first day of fall – for some of you, this particular equinox evokes thoughts of evolution, change and bettering one’s self and surroundings. How often does this seasonal spirit inspire action? Very, very rarely. But when it comes to enlightenment, it’s really just the thought that counts, right? We don’t actually have to do anything, do we?

Until we have cameras following our every move 24/7, we can mostly get away with lying about ditching old habits, starting anew and being a half-decent person in general. It’s hard to pull the wool over the world’s eyes when you’re rich/famous/easy/breezy/beautiful/Cover Girl – if you do shit things, the odds you’ll get caught are about 4:3. Or 1:2. OK, I don’t gamble/do math for kicks (cause learning’s for losers) so I don’t really understand this whole odds thing. Not that I care or anything. I just do me and if that’s not enough for you then you can go… ugh, whatever, forget I said anything! Just leave me alone! Here’s some Goss with a heavy Emmys focus to help facilitate any water cooler-type talk to you may be subjected to pertaining to the topic in the upcoming days.

The Emmys aired on Sunday night and Ricky Gervais totally won something. I saw it with my own two eyes. Wait – that was a joke? HO-LY SHIT! NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL ACTING! YOU HAD ME FOOLED, RICK! HOOOOOOO BOY, WHAT A GENUINE TALENT, THAT GERVAIS FELLOW! MAYBE I SHOULD START WATCHING DEREK! I BET IT’S SOOOOOO GOOD. Gag me with a fucking ladle. 

What else happened? Glad you asked!

It’s safe to assume that Jon Hamm is still well endowed/doing the whole “damn the man!” thing when it comes to underwear. No link, but trust me on this one. On a slightly less consequential note, he finally won an Emmy.

HBO “limited series” Olive Kitteridge won a slew of awards at the ceremony – you’ve never heard of it, I’ve never heard of it, it really doesn’t matter, let’s move on. Series writer Jane Anderson stole the show by being a real wackadoodle/eccentric type and Frances McDormand just didn’t seem to GAF/is now officially my hero.

A semi-decent/relatively unimportant (from what I understand) season Game of Thrones beat out Mad Men’s big finale for Outstanding Drama Series, and I think that makes me wanna watch it even less than I already do.

Non-Emmy Goss:
During the ceremony that’s been “at the forefront of thought all month” (LOL Bruce Rosenblum, you should have won for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series), Drake & Future dropped a mixtape and your favourite Brunchos announced their October LIVE SHOW! You can thank us later. And if “you” are Drake, call me ;)