Hot Goss 8: Feat. The Most Douchetastic Fight Of All Time!

Hey Hot Gossamers,

How jazzed are you to have another pipin’ hot heap o’ garbage to mow down on this morning/afternoon/whenever-I-happen-to-finish-this-then-cry-profusely-because-I’m-a-hungover-failure-at-life-then-send-Brunch-Club-HQ-an-email-but-forget-the-attachment-then-cry-then-scream-and-project-my-feelings-of-worthlessness-onto-some-inane-argument-with-my-boyfriend-about-toothpaste-or-dishes-or-something-where-I-scream-some-more-then-send-email-with-attachment-and-finally-await-publication? I’m in a particularly rotten mood this week as I just dropped a whopping  $16 to see that new M. Night movie in AVX and, between you and me, it wasn’t exactly all that and a bag of chips. But you know what always cheers me up? You guessed it! Gross Goss! Let’s get to it.

Two of my fave vagina-possessors trust their intensely insured nether-regions to the same gynecologist. #GenitalHealth, #GirlPower, #ToLiveAndLoveInLA, etc.

Uh, it’s been a bit of a slow news week.

Mark you calendars, folks! Because TOMORROW, you’ll have yet another chance to mercilessly mock Mr. Kanye West for doing something that he wants to do, but you don’t particularly care for! How rude, amirite? He’ll be debuting his latest Adidas-sponsored fashion collection, YEEZY Season 2, at New York Fashion Week.

Susan Sarandon is a dirty, LSD luvin’ hippie just like the rest of us. Let’s be real, though -- outing yourself as such at Burning Man is a little on the nose.

Jack White is getting douchier by the day, just as I suspected. Over the weekend, he made a half-assed attempt at bar brawling with that not-singer-dude from the Black Keys, but failed miserably. 

(Just let go, jack! Let go!)

Fresh outta rehab, Kim Richards (of The Real Housewives Of X, Y or Z fame) spent the weekend wandering in and out of smoke shops in LA, reportedly on the hunt for zannie bars (which are not sold in smoke shops, like, ever) to help ease the pain of a foot injury (something they are not prescribed for, like, ever). Ah, the pains of being rich and quasi-notable!

That’s it for this week, folks! To close, I’d like to leave you all with a photo of the last time Jack White was sorta-kinda cool and interesting-ish. Inspirational, isn’t it?


Kelly Kay

Kelly is a 23 year old lady living, breathing and constantly critiquing everyone around her in Montreal. She enjoys going to shows (both good and bad) and writing about them. She's also a member of the oh-so awesome band, Gashrat.