Hot Goss 17: The Accidental "Men Are Pigs" Edition!

As the weather gets colder, does the GOSS get HOTTER? Probably not, but these items are (mostly) more interesting than the dry-as-f-slash-totally-juice-less ones from last week.

Despite falling off the universal radar 1-2 decades ago, Chris Cornell made headlines this week by performing a “mashup of U2’s song ‘One’ featuring Metallica lyrics”, aka my nightmares made flesh.

NEWSFLASH: People who get paid to take care of and display their hawt bods generally age better than good-for-nothing garbage normies like us. According to CNN, this picture of Christie Brinkley has mind controlling properties and will give you an overwhelming urge to drive/rascal your nearest gym and sit in front of it for a few brief moments before returning home to eat your feelings and cry like you do every night, you sad bastard.

(To quote Instagram user @ethanlacey: “this broad is 61… white don’t crack!”)

American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson may or may not be dating 72-year old actress Holland Taylor. If this coupling is for reals, I gotta say it’s a classy look for both of them. On the topic of women dating significantly older women, I must ask – is “mommy issues” a thing/cliché that can either be joked about or brought into the discussion legitimately?  Or is that somehow shitty person stuff? I’m curious but also afraid of being judged so maybe just ignore that.

YOU TOO CAN HAVE KYLIE JENNER’S LIPS! Oh, actually nvm they’re sold out. Guess you’ll have to suck it up and go see a surgeon or something.

Oh yeah, there’s a 99.9% chance that porn star James Deen is an evil person who we should all be embarrassed for ever liking/appreciating/defending/giving feminist-y props to. In retrospect, we probably should have known his whole “thing” was too good to be true. Just look at those piercing, serpentine eyes!  


Kelly Kay

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