Hot Goss 11: Demi Lovato's Butt Saved the Week

Because celebs need to do more than simply outfit their bodies in Adidas or have tattoos to pique my interest, I am postponing Hot Goss for one week. That should be enough time for you guys to get your shit together, right?

Before I leave you all to your own devices, I guess I can take a moment of my precious and extremely pricey time to acknowledge the scant two pieces of interesting news I stumbled upon this week.

#1: Demi Lovato got naked for Vanity Fair because she felt like it and bestowed glorious gifts such as this photo upon us all. Clearly, we are not worthy. I’d say something like “#DATASSDOE” but I’m a grown-ass woman and not a fucking moron, so I think I’ll pass. The sentiment is pretty on point, though. 

#2: Jim Carrey’s Scientologist-in-training GF OD’d on pills prescribed to one of the actor’s (many?) pseudonyms/personalities. Pretty tragic stuff. Shout out to L. Ron for making stories like these a little more salacious/soap-operatic.

I can tell you’re all getting greedy now. You want another story? Fine!

#3 People are finding new excuses to hate the Kardashians every day and this Cosmo cover feature really isn’t helping. Hey, everyone – THIS SHIT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER! DON’T YOU HAVE WORK TO DO OR A FAMILY/FRIEND/CAT/DOG/FISH/TAMAGOTCHI TO CARE FOR OR SOMETHING?!



Kelly Kay

Kelly is a 23 year old lady living, breathing and constantly critiquing everyone around her in Montreal. She enjoys going to shows (both good and bad) and writing about them. She's also a member of the oh-so awesome band, Gashrat.