The Most Watchable How Did This Get Made Movies


Since last fall, I've had the pleasure of participating in a top secret movie club that convenes twice a month to watch the movie that will be discussed on the upcoming episode of How Did This Get Made, the best damn movie podcast on the internet hosted by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas.

By in large, the movies featured on How Did This Get Made are utterly exhausting. However, they are a select few that are worth watching for reasons beyond being obsessed with the Earwolf podcast.

Here now for your reading pleasure, are the most watchable How Did This Get Made movies Paul, June, Jason and a special guest have discussed thus far:


As Mantzoukas correctly pointed out, "This movie starts with infanticide." And somehow, it proceeds to get crazier from there...


This movie has it all.

Mother-daughter tension. Sex. Drugs. Hot high school boys. A nerd that's secretly a great dancer. Tom Jane. But what really makes LOL are the moments where Miley overacts her way through poignant thoughts:




Dystopian acid trip featuring Sean Connery as savage who infiltrates and wreaks havoc in a community of bored immortals. Connery spends 95% of the movie dressed in a red, latex speedo, flaunting his sun-spotted, melted-candle physique. Somehow, it's not as revolting as it sounds. Connery's nearly nude body is challenging yet mesmerizing, much like Zardoz itself.

Not counting the floating head prologue that doesn't make any damn sense, "The gun is good! The penis is evil!" are the first lines of the movie:


1984's Rhinestone is basically George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion but tasks Dolly Parton with giving Sylvester Stallone a country singer makeover so that she can get out of a bad contract.

Drink every time Sylvester Stallone's character "Nick" refers to himself in the third person.


You probably already know Sleepaway Camp's big twist ending but that doesn't take anything away from the fun that is this baffling hybrid of Friday the 13th and Wet Hot America Summer.

The water balloon fight on the roof is still the Sleepaway Camp's golden moment for me because it makes 0 sense whatsoever. Why are they up there? Why are they having a water balloon fight at such close proximity?



A feature film-length version of "Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman"? SIGN ME UP.


This movie's convoluted plot and half-baked twists are unforgivable but it's still fascinating to see this movie attempt to concoct a love story between two actors that have absolutely no charisma or chemistry.


Say what you will about Mariah Carey's flatline acting style, Max Beesley puts this movie on his back as Julian "Dice" Black and makes it work with all his leery staring.

Honorable Mentions:

  • The Crank movies.
  • The Fast movies.
  • The Room
  • Runaway
  • Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor
  • Con Air
  • Xanadu
  • The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Watch all the other How Did This Get Movies at your own risk. We really can't vouch for them.