We Went To The Edinburgh Fringe and Lived To Tell About It

A few weeks ago we packed our bags for Scotland to check out the largest Fringe Festival in the world.  The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is 68 years old. It runs for 25 consecutive days, 50,459 performances of 3,314 shows in 313 venues across Edinburgh spanning every genre – comedy, theatre, circus, burlesques, performance art, music, dance, etc. Typically acts do entire runs meaning 25 straight days of performance. It costs around 10,000 pounds for the average artist/company to produce a show and many artists lose money – like all of the money. But for the majority that participate, the experience is well worth it. It's a place where people come to cut their teeth, get discovered, connect to a network of like minded people and to show people what they've got about 25 times in a row. It's chaotic and exhausting but still fun somehow. Here are some tips on how to survive Ed Fringe that would have been helpful prior to our visit: 


We planned nothing, going into the experience like brand new babies being born into a bar fight. So f*&cking stupid. If you make the trip be smart and get the Edinburgh Fringe App, check the website, get the programme, do your research and make sure you book a room because Scotland is cold at night!


As organized as you might be you will not be able to avoid the chaos of this Festival. We experienced a series of ticketing hiccups and miscommunications from Festival employees. More than once the Festival was describe to us as "the wild west". Once you absorb the fact that you will never truly get the hang of things, until you're maybe a 10 year vet of the Festival, the haggis tastes better and the cider runs sweeter. So embrace the chaos. Much like you will have to embrace the chaos haggis will wreak on your tummy.


You're in Scotland for fudge sake! Plus it's a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle. 

north berwick, TaNTAllon castle

north berwick, TaNTAllon castle


We barely scratched the surface but we tried to see all the comedy. Do to this being a psychical impossibility we'll leave you with some here are some clips from some of our fringe favs.