D.J. Mausner is Very Special

Those lucky enough to know D.J. Mausner already know she's not just a special performer, but a special person. With D.J.'s debut comedy special--D.J. Mausner Is Special--set to be taped Thursday March 30th, 2017 @ Turbo Haüs, we asked friends and well-wishers to explain in their own words what makes D.J. special. Here's what they said:

Emma Overton, puppy masseuse:

D.J. Mausner works so hard that it makes me sleepy for her. I nap 20% more than I did before I met DJ. So thank you DJ for all that you do for the comedy community and for keeping me well rested.

Kelly Kay, critical virgo:

D.J. is the sweetest of baby angel geniuses and the hardest working person in showbiz.

Emery Fine, good person:

Look Pal, D.J.'s Great, Okay? End of story, buddy, D.J.'s the best, you idiot!

David Kaufman, crybaby:

D.J. Mausner is a comedic powerhouse. She has carried me through numerous improv shows. You should definitely hire her! ( Is that what this is for? )

Travis Cannon, adult boy / not hungry but could eat:

D.J. Mausner is my everything bagel. I don't eat an everything bagel every day, but I want to eat an everything bagel every day. I don't care if I'm eating it with soup, a thin smear of butter or dipped in my late afternoon coffee, just as long as I get to see that bagel doing what it does best, being everything.

She is one of the funniest, hardest working people in Montreal and the only way I could be more grateful for everything that she does to make this city a fun place to do comedy would be if she actually brought me an everything bagel. But, here's the thing, D.J. also has the confidence and self-possessed grace that I know she doesn't need to bring any motherfucker a bagel to know how appreciated and loved she is. Come to this special or I will grind your bones to make my bagels.



Alex Brown, fellow expert:

I would like to express my feelings about D.J. Mausner the only way I can see fit…

D is for Designated laugh machine

J is for Jokester for the people

M is for Manners up the ying yang

A is for Angel who lives for puppies

U is for Unilingual for the most part but I think she knows a few words in French

S is for Sophisticated Mama

N is for Never gonna quit 

E is for Ever the funniest person in the room

R is for Rad and cool and a very good friend

I would like to thank Cary and Julia Mausner for bringing D.J. into this world. Without them I would never have written this poem.

Courtney Kassel, friend/three small dogs stacked in a trench coat:

D.J. is special because her name is actually two names, but not really, and it’s also the name of a job, but not really like, a real job. D.J. is a wonderful person, comedian, and friend whose fierce loyalty is rivalled only by every doggie ever. Sometimes I wonder if D.J. is actually a whole community of tiny, hard working comedians parading behind the façade of a certified Q-T, but I can almost guarantee she’s just really good at what she does. If I could time travel, I would go back in time and invite D.J. to my bat mitzvah because I feel like she’d rock the shit out of some shutter shades and do the Cha Cha Slide with me, real smooth.

via courtney kassel

via courtney kassel

Nancy Webb, looking forward to seeing Ricki and the Flash:

D.J. Mausner dances in the rain-kissed streets when we're all asleep at night. A beautiful dance. A mournful dance. She is bright like citrus.

Iain MacNeil, buddy:

Danaka "Michael" Jordan Mausner is how I refer to D.J. in my head because like Michael Jordan, she has six rings, always sticks her tongue out and is the undisputed greatest. I can think of no Montreal comedian more deserving of a signature Nike shoe than D.J. 

Sasha Manoli, head honcho:

Someone I regularly think about getting a matching tattoo with and I'm trypanophobic.

Mike Carrozza, butt dentist MD DDS:

D.J. Mausner was actually born as a pair of really smart glasses. Now look at her! She's come a really long way. As soon as she learned to speak, she's been making everybody laugh. Watch my documentary about it: Glasses Full of Person: The D.J. Mausner Story.

But seriously, D.J. is one of the easiest people to watch. She makes laughing effortless. No matter the context, she will make you smile and giggle. Guaranteed. Stamp of approval always.

Jason Grimmer, Bathroom Towels Monthly subscriber:

There’s just no way Montreal’s comedy landscape would be as killer as it currently is without DJ. Serious. Try and name one other person as sweet, brilliant, hardworking, supportive and flat-out hilarious as she is..and then give up, because you can't. Nice try, though. I love this dynamo to death and I’ve begun filling out all the necessary adoption papers to prove it.

Get your tickets for Asaf Gerchak's and D.J. Mausner's special below.