Comedy Master Class #2: Impressions That Impress!

Even the real deal will be impressed by your impressions after this session of Comedy Master Class!

Even the real deal will be impressed by your impressions after this session of Comedy Master Class!

Comedy Master Class is a free online course presented by The Brunch Club so regular people like yourself can earn their comedy GEDs and achieve their wildest dream of laughing out loud. Today, Comedy Master Class teaches you the art of imitation.

Nothing gets laughs like an unleashing a pitch-perfect impression on an unsuspecting audience. Our brains are conditioned to associate distinct voices with their true owners. So when the distinct sound of a certain celebrity's voice registers but the visual is incongruous to what we've been condition to expect, the only way the brain can process this mismatch is by sending laugh-neurons to the vocal chords.

This is why every comedian worth their salt has at least a couple of impressions in their back pocket at all times. In the unlikely event the crowd is lost or cold, just toss out an impression and they'll be back on board.

But how does one get good at impressions? Like I always say to my students, "Learning how to do impressions is just like learning how to swim." Not only because there's a risk of drowning but it's really, really, really easy.

I don't know if you know how to swim but I'll teach you right now. 

First: Get in water. Second: Dunk your head under water. Third: Hold your breath. Fourth: Surface. Fifth: Repeat as necessary until you are comfortable adding arm and leg movements. Sixth: Combine surfacing for air with arm and leg movement and voila! You have learned how to swim.

See, the key is getting your head underwater without drowning. Once you've done that without dying, you have more or less mastered the basic mechanics of swimming. Impressions are the same way. All you need to do is master one simple impression and then you will have no shortage of impressions that impress.

The introductory impression all comedy hopefuls must master is none other than a Christopher Walken impression.

To do a Christopher Walken impression, all you need to do (assuming that your first-language is English) is ignore everything you've ever learned about which syllables to emphasize, punctuation and just free style it. Pronouncing words the way you see fit and disregarding punctuation is all you need to do to master a Christopher Walken impression. Some people will try to tell you that, "It sounds nothing like Christopher Walken." These people are merely jealous of your mastery of impressions.

Once you have perfected your Christopher Walken impression, you'll be able to do every single impression you can think of, including an impression of hoarse-voiced aunt Rhoda. Audiences are going to love your Aunt Rhoda impression.

Some day, in the future perhaps, the art of impression will be lost because no one will remember who Christopher Walken is and we will lose our ability to imitate others without that entry point. So master it while you can because this art's going out of style!