Comedy Master Class #1: What IS Funny?

Is this funny? just look like someone about to walk on some gd litter to me.

Is this funny? just look like someone about to walk on some gd litter to me.

Comedy Master Class is a free online class presented by The Brunch Club so regular people like yourself can earn their comedy GEDs and achieve their wildest dream of laughing out loud. Today, Comedy Master Class begins broad, asking a question that's plagued mankind since it climbed out of the primordial ooze: WHAT IS FUNNY?

What is funny? Funny is:

  • Something unexpected happening

For example, a woman buys a white coat she has been saving up for for ages. She tells the shop keeper that his parrot is dead and an anvil falls on her head. We then cut to a park where city workers are repainting park benches. One of the workers pauses. "I sure could go for a refreshing lime rickey right now," he says wiping the sweat from his brow. A lion jumps into frame and mauls the worker half to death.

Whilst choking on the blood that's quickly pooling in his lungs and throat, the worker says, "I said I wanted a LIME RICKEY not a LION NAMED RICKY." By the way, the lion that attacked the worker was named Ricky the whole time. He was wearing a name-tag. You just didn't see it.

The scenes you just read are funny because unexpected things happened in them. 

Funny is also:

  • When we see something that makes us feel superior

For example, when we see videos of poor people enjoy crude amusements like tire swings. How gauche...and hilarious.

Funny is also:

  • The relief of tension

Like when you go to a funeral and you can't stop laughing because the deceased was a huge jerk in life and will probably be a huge jerk in death and we are better than them because we're still here. Oh wait, that's superiority again.

When you are in a tense standoff with your loved one. So tense that your tummy ties itself into knots, your guts begin to boil and then the tiniest fart slips out. Everybody laugh because you relieved the tension in your stomach as well as the tension in the room*.

In summation, funny is when something unexpected happens, when we feel superior to others and a relief of tension. If something makes you laugh and it cannot fall into one of these three categories, please contact a doctor immediately.

*However, you have soiled the air in the room and you should apologize for that.