Chris Sandiford & Daniel Carin Are Very Special

Ladies & Gentlemen...Chris & Dan!

Ladies & Gentlemen...Chris & Dan!

Because Chris Sandiford and Daniel Carin are shooting their very own comedy special on Thursday, January 26th, we asked members of The Brunch Club what makes these sketch/improv/stand-up/best friend comedians so special. Here's what they said:

Jacob Greco, chill roommate/guy:

Chris Sandiford is a great roommate with a very large flat screen TV and a Netflix subscription, both of which he has given me full permission to utilize.

Daniel Carin gives the best hugs in the business and shares a Netflix subscription with Mr. Sandiford and myself. Technically Mr. Sandiford pays for said subscription without financial assistance from either Mr. Carin or myself.

Asaf Gerchak, partial dyslexic:

Even though I literally can't tell Chris Sandrin and Daniel Cadiford apart, I feel confident that they are going to make America great again. To be clear here, I've been saying that about Danford and Caris for years now, and any similarity to recent political campaigns is purely coincidental - I also said "I put that shit on everything" about hot sauce WAY before Frank's made it their slogan. Everyone needs to stop stealing my shit. The point is, when it comes to Chridan Fordrin and Isiel Sandcar, I'm with her.

Amanda McQueen, friend to moms:

Daniel Carin keeps loose change and bills in his wallet that you can totally just grab if you need it. It's like a leave-a-penny/take-a-penny, but you can just take whatever. Such a nice guy---nicest guy ever.

Chris Sandiford, meanwhile, has a regular phone number that you can call whenever you need someone to listen for a couple hours. If he doesn't have time he'll just let you leave a voicemail--as long as you want. Such a nice guy---nicest guy ever.

Melina Tremarchi, pillar of the community:

Whenever I feel alone and disheartened in this world I remember that, like myself, Chris Sandiford is also in the middle of a Star Trek episode.

And once I bumped into Daniel Carin and his father at a Second Cup. It was one of the purest and wholesome sights I've ever seen. Go for a coffee with your father, be like Daniel Carin.

Mike Carrozza, lover/Bible scholar:

Fun fact: Daniel Carin and I have once been locked in the longest hug recorded in the city of Montreal. We were both so comfortable.

Daniel and Chris are fallen angels from heaven, much like our lord and saviour Mephistopheles himself, Satan. Their hearts are pure and they revel in the goodness of people. On another note, I don't know when people started talking about the Devil like he was evil. He's a nice guy. Eternal optimist. Just like Dan and Chris.

All joking aside, Daniel and Chris have been fixtures of Montreal comedy, warping the landscape with their signature style of silliness. Whether together or apart, the boys are capable of doubling me over (which is crazy, I'm a lot of person) with whatever funny they put out into the world. Their successes are all earned and never given. To me, to Montreal comedians, to comedy itself, Daniel and Chris are special.

Deirdre Trudeau, close friend...closer enemy:

Chris and Dan are special because where else could you possible get Saks Fifth Ave quality at bargain basement two-for-one prices on BFF comedy like this? Like when you order the special at a restaurant and it's like the chef knew you personally and made you and only you your perfect meal? That's what it's like listening to Chris and Dan tell jokes at you.

Dan likes hats and backpacks and Chris likes navy blue button-up shirts. Pretty sure both of them bike but mostly Chris.

Think Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, Abbi and Ilana, Statler and Waldorf, Jerry Seinfeld and whichever other character was your favourite on that show, uuuh... Chance and Shadow and maybe even the cat from Homeward Bound...Key and Peele! I knew I could think of another duo. Nailed it.

Now think Chris and Dan. Comedy. Precision. Execution.

Just to be suuuuuuper clear I mean execution of jokes omg I hope you didn't think I meant the other thing no no no totally no death at this show just a couple of funny and extra special guys!

Iain MacNeil, suck-up:

Running a weekly comedy show is a punishment I would not wish on my worst enemy, yet Chris and Dan, two guys I wouldn't immediately consider enemies (or frenemies for that matter), run two! Why they have chosen to exhaust mental and physical energy to allow local comedians to cut their teeth, hone material or simply try something completely new isn't something that makes sense to me, but I'm glad they do it.

I personally owe them a lot for the stage time they have generously given me and I would hope that most Montreal comedians feel the same gratitude I do whenever their names are said.

Jean-Luc Picard, British spaceship captain with inexplicably French name:

A lot of people will say that the Prime Directive is not to interfere with the internal development of alien civilizations. And while that is without a doubt a good directive to follow, the actual Prime Directive that I follow to the ends of the universe is cherish your friends the way Chris cherishes Dan and vice versa. 

Paul Verhoeven, genius:

People love seeing violence and horrible things. The human being is bad and he can't stand more than five minutes of happiness. Put him a dark theatre and ask him to look at two hours of happiness and he'd walk out or fall asleep. The lone exception to this rule is, of course, Chris Sandiford and Daniel Carin. Put those two on screen for two hours of happiness and tickle fights and the audience will applaud until their palms are nothing but a bloody pulp because they crave violence and horrible things like all the skin on their hands falling off.

UPDATE (2:46PM EST): Another peer of Chris and Dan's has chimed in on what makes them special.

Emery Fine, late addition:

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